Security Upgrades for the Vern Riffe Center

Beginning Jan. 2, 2018, there will be new procedures for visitors to the Riffe Center.

  • Visitors must use the High Street entrance to the Riffe Center to register with security
    and receive their visitor badge.
    • The State Street entrance will only be accessible to tenants who have security
      access badges.
  • After registering and receiving a visitor badge, all visitors and their belongings, including
    bags, purses and backpacks, will be screened on the third floor. After this screening,
    visitors will be able to access the elevators to the upper floors.
  • The entrance from the Huntington Center lower level and the Statehouse garage tunnel
    will remain open to visitors.
  • The Riffe Center parking garage will become a permit-only parking facility weekdays
    between 3 a.m. – 6 p.m. There are multiple parking garages located close to the Riffe
    Center – refer to this list of downtown parking garages for more information.
    • Public parking will continue to be available weeknights after 6 p.m., weekends
      and on holidays.
  • Pedestrian access between the Huntington Center garage and Riffe garage will be by
    security badge access only.

More information is available in this Security Upgrades Fact Sheet.

State Highway Patrol Office

The State Highway Patrol building command office at the Riffe Center will be located in the
former cafeteria area on the lower level. The security desk in front of this area will be staffed by
Ohio Department of Administrative Services security.

For questions, please contact:

Brian Hammen, DAS Senior Facilities Manager or 614-644-9854