A Notice of Intent/Opportunity for Hearing details allegations by the Division of  Financial

Institutions' Consumer Finance Section for violation(s) of the Ohio Revised Code within its jurisdiction and gives a respondent notice of the right to an administrative hearing.

Final orders contain findings by the Consumer Finance Section and represent the final disposition of a matter pending before the Division. All final orders of the Division contain appeal rights to common pleas courts within a specific time period as provided for in Ohio Revised Code Chapter 119.

“Termination orders” or a settlement agreement containing “provisions terminating an order” may include termination of summary suspension orders, notices of opportunity for hearings (NOHs) and, in rare instances, termination (or vacation) of a final order.  When an order is terminated, this means circumstances have changed or new evidence has been found, and the Division no longer wishes to go forward with the original action or has agreed to resolve a matter through an agreed upon or “consent” order/agreement. 

Even when an order is terminated, the fact remains that it was issued as a formal adjudicative action of the Division.  As a consequence, the subsequently terminated order continues to be a public record and remains on the Division's web site along with the termination order or settlement agreement.

The following administrative enforcement orders represent official action taken by the Consumer Finance Section of the Division of Financial Institutions.

REMEMBER, a Notice of Intent/Opportunity for Hearing represents an allegation by the Division. Just as in the judicial process, an allegation by the Division will not necessarily result in a final order against the respondent. Notices of Intent/Opportunity for Hearing are public records, but do not represent the final determination in a pending matter.

Division of Financial Institutions Orders and Enforcement Actions


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